What are Negative Aspects of Social Media

Aspects of Social Media
Social media is a podium onto which many of the people gather and they exchange their ideas. This can be used in a good and a bad perspective both. There are negative impacts of everything and especially when it linked with the internet. In the past few years ever since the social media came into being, we have observed a detonation of social media. There are numerous social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and MySpace etc.

Particularly, the offspring relish this innovative and modern method of residual and they love it when they are associated with associates and get-together with the people. Conversely, it is a very important for the elders and the guardians to take care of what their child is doing over the internet. As the matter of fact is that, there are adverse effects as well of the social media. The elders should keep a hawk eye on the youngsters and they should protect the young chaps from getting involved in the ill activities. There are many of the negative impacts of the social media, however, few are mentioned beneath;

Keep in mind that the kids have this in build curiosity that what is this and what is that? Maybe this is just the phase they are going through. The kids tend to pick up a lot of stuff from the social media and then they question further and investigate more about it, which is dangerous. The social media has some ill content and the photos that need a parental guidance and contains violence, which is not at all suitable for the people. This way the behavior damages and so does the performance. It is found out that even the middle-aged people are also coming under the influence of this monster. This way the society damages and people are nit constructive and productive rather they are involved in offense actions.

Apart from this the social media also leads one to the addiction, which is again a destructive act for damaging a personality. People think the usage of these sites is cool and is in trend and they use it for fun, but one day comes when they are the addict and helpless. This way a personality demolishes and they are profound to just fewer thing, they are no more intellectual and creative as they have spoiled themselves spending countless hours over such sites. The practical knowledge and the motivation lack for doing anything as the person are just habitual of sitting in front of the gadgets and viewing such sites.

An additional hitch of the social media is that the social media sites ask for the personal information, but they claim the information will not be leaked; however, the hackers do the work. The people usually share a lot of information about such sites and they themselves create intimidation. No matter how strict privacy setting you have put on to, still the information is leaked from your account, like downloading the pictures, videos, and the status that you have shared can be seen in just a few clicks.

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