What Will be Impact of Brexit on UK Based Universities?

Impact of Brexit
In the recent turn of events, when UK decided to opt out of the European Union everything changed. From office policies to employment rules, everything has a changed set of rules now including UK based universities. There are more than 100 thousand students currently in the UK studying under the European Union and the future of these students will be affected. Some of the major problems that are going to affect the students include; no more grants for loans under the European Union, no more permission for Visa through the European Union and all previous permissions and grants to students will be annulled.

The Universities will face a huge downfall as majority of students will have to transfer to other countries that are under European Union. Researchers who were working under the permission and funds of European Union will also face a major withdrawal in funds and permissions. With so many state of the art technology advancements and other academic advancements that were surviving under the European Union will now strive under the Brexit impact.

There is a fixed percentage, almost around 15 percent that the UK was receiving from the European Union now believed to be stopped due to Brexit. Impact of Brexit on UK based universities will not just stay at effecting universities, it will affect all the students that came to UK based universities under the European Union. Students will now face a major problem with paying the fee as now they will be considered as international students. This means that they will pay a much higher fee as compared to laws before brexit.

Brexit Will lead to a Major Loss in Student Number in UK;
This stands for both, students moving in to the UK and UK based students who want to go to other European countries for further studies. This will also affect students who are currently in the UK but had to study some part of their degree in a country under European Union. UK might lose all credibility from other European countries; meaning no more free transfers either way or approval of loans. Experts believe that the impact might seem very harsh, but it will strengthen the universities domestically.

They believe that this uniting will be used to raise voice against impact of brexit on UK based universities. It will be used by them to raise a voice for students and their futures, hoping that it will gain enough attention globally. There are a number of things being discussed by education experts in the UK like forming European university campuses. Hope that the physical availability might put a halt to the sudden stir in the UK. In all of this, the most affected by this will be the international students who not only will lose their loans, but might also be at risk of losing further studying in UK. Overall, it has more of a negative impact than a positive one and should be reconsidered or at least an alternative can be thought of.

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