Peace Agreement between Taliban and USA

Peace Agreement between Taliban and USA
American troops were fighting the war against the terrorists in Afghanistan in the last 20 years. Recently, a deal has been signed among the Taliban and America. This deal is known as the peace agreement between the Taliban and America. According to this peace agreement, American troops will leave Afghanistan in the next 14 months. After this deal, it is expected that one of the longest-running conflicts in the world will be finished and it will open new ways of developments in Afghanistan and its surrounded region. This deal was signed in the Doha on Saturday. As a result of this deal, we will see the following developments in the next few months.

According to this deal, the Taliban will leave their contacts with the al-Qaida and other international terrorist groups. After leaving their contacts with these international groups, Taliban will sit with the Afghan government for the development of the country. As a result, they will also accept the democratic government for the first time because, in the past, they have denied this government because they consider that this government was American’s puppet. After the acceptance of government and democracy, they leave all the illegal activities and they try to work for the betterment and development of their country. As a result, Afghanistan will emerge as a new state in the country. Moreover, they also find a chance to prove before the world that Afghanistan is a peaceful country.

Told by a dissertation writing service, the level of the American’s troops will also be cut down. According to this agreement, America will leave its troops from Afghanistan. In the next 135 days, the level of the American troops in Afghanistan will be cut down and there will remain only 8,600 troops in Afghanistan. As the level of troops will be cut down in Afghanistan, therefore, people will be able to work freely without any fear. As a result, a new era of development will also be started in Afghanistan. If both sides are committed to their agreements, American forces will be eliminated from Afghanistan till Spring 2021. Anyhow, intelligence operatives will continue its work in Afghanistan till the end of the international terrorist groups like al-Qaida.

Due to this agreement, we will also see some developments in neighbouring countries like Pakistan. Its reason is that Pakistan has to face lots of terror attacks of Taliban and Pakistan has to face lots of loss due to Afghan conflicts. According to this peace agreement, the Taliban will leave all the illegal activities. As a result, we will also observe that the standard of peace will also be strengthened in Pakistan. As a result, there is a possibility that the new era of trade will also be started among Afghanistan and Pakistan. Similarly, India will also sign new trade agreements with Afghanistan. As a result of these trade agreements, the Afghani people will emerge in the world.

This peace agreement is also known as a packet of bringing peace into Afghanistan. In the upcoming two to three months, if both parties are following this agreement, American troops will continue to leave Afghanistan and the power will be transferred to the local government and Afghan military. Due to this reason, the residents of Afghans will be able to taste a new thing that is known as peace. This agreement will also eradicate civil war from the different parts of Afghanistan. Due to this civil war, Afghanistan is divided into different parts over the 40 years. That’s why the majority of the people who are under 30, they don’t know what is peace because they have seen conflict throughout their lives. After the ceasefire, when the new era will be started, they work with new zeal and zest for the development of his country. 

This peace agreement is also very important for America because America was spending lots of money on the Afghan war and they were not able to get the required results. After leaving Afghanistan, America will also be able to spend his money and energies for some other tasks. Moreover, there is also a possibility that this agreement will be beneficial for the Donald Trump during his election campaign. Its reason is that in the previous election campaign, he has said that if he will be elected, he will finish the Afghan war because it is hurting the Americans. Moreover, after bringing peace in the country, Afghanistan will also be able to get the attention of lots of investors because investors can make large profits by investing in different sectors in Afghanistan.

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