Effect of US Election 2020 On US Education

US Election 2020
In the presidential elections, education is not considered as the top tier issue. The main cause of this problem is that this issue is overshadowed by some other issues. In these issues, there come defense, security and climate change etc. The candidates of the presidential election consider that education is not an international issue. It is a local and state issue. Now, this situation is reversed. Its reason is that Democratic candidate Joe Biden is also paying enough attention to education. Here, experts of a dissertation writing service will discuss the effect of the US election 2020 on US education.

Early Childhood Education:
As we know that the share of women in the workforce has increased. That’s why education has become a pocketbook issue for parents. Working women require someone who can take care of their children. They require someone for the cognitive and social growth of their children. Therefore, publically funded education has become key in the US. It has lots of potential advantages for the students. There should be some changes in the federal policy about early childhood education. As this issue has arrived in the US. That’s why the presidential election candidate Joe Biden has to include it in his election campaign. Most of the voters consider the importance of this aspect of the election campaign. That’s why they have voted to Democratic candidate Joe Biden. 

Higher Education:
In the US, the federal government is playing a vital role in funding colleges and universities. The federal government is funding the colleges and universities in different ways. First, it is providing Pell grants to colleges and universities. Secondly, it is also providing student loans. Thirdly, it is also funding the colleges and universities with the regulations. Now, the problem is that the debt of student loans has skyrocketed. That’s why the federal government should play its role in providing the best solution to this problem. The students are also looking for the federal government to find out the best solutions to these problems. The funding issues are creating lots of problems in higher education. We have also seen that the new candidate has also discussed the solution of this problem in his election campaign.

Tight State Budgets:
As we have discussed earlier that education is considered as the state and local level issue in the US. It is lasting more burden on the states. The states are already facing problems to manage health care and pension issues. After spending enough money on health care and pension issues, they have to cut the shares of early childhood education. In some cases, the states have to cut the college funds. The states don’t cut the funds of higher education. The federal government should also consider it because it can solve this problem. Another impact of the US election on US education will be such that the federal government will try to solve these kinds of issues in the education department.

Inequality Problems:
Inequality has become a fast-rising issue in the US. This thing is also lasting some impacts in the education department. The most important inequality problem is income inequality. It is a fact that all people don’t have the same amount of income. That’s why most of the people can’t afford the fees of expensive schools, colleges and universities. It means that they are not getting equal chances of education. The children of rich people can easily get admission in these educational institutions. Due to this reason, inequality has been established in the education department. To get rid of this issue, the newly formed US government will also solve this problem. 

Diploma And Gender Divide:
In the US election 2020, we are also expecting the divides of the votes of the students. In 2000, more than fifty-three percent of the college-educated people voted for Democrats. It was because they were looking at the best educational policies from the Democratic candidate. In the US election 2020, it is also expected that most of the college-educated will cast vote for the Democratic candidate. They are also expecting some new education policies from the Democratic candidate. Education has also become a pocketbook issue for working women. They are also demanding change from the newly elected US president. It is expected that he will introduce new educational policies in the future. These policies will increase the interaction of the people with public education. It seems that there will be positive impacts of the US election 2020 on US education.

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