What's Wrong with The Education in The United Kingdom?

Education in United Kingdom
There so many issues going on with the educational system of the United States of America. This article is going to discuss the main issues that are creating problems and crises in the educational system of the United States. And it will also help you to recognize that what’s wrong with education in the United Kingdom.

Teacher’s Shortage:

According to experts of assignment writing services, the major problem nowadays is related to a teacher shortage. Due to which the education system of the United States is in crisis. Teachers or working hard to meet their goals given by the administration of the institute they are working in. But they had to do their work under enormous pressure to get good results in their work. Many of the researches show that inequality of educational system is quite chronic in the United Kingdom. Selective schooling and high stakes testing is also the biggest reason for the crisis of education. Parents are trying hard to send their children from the age of 11 to government grammar schools. And most schools select the children for admission. Most of them get access to private tutoring. And at the end of the day, these high-leveled well-performing schools dominate the wealthiest pupils.

Financial Aids:

In the United States of America, most of the schools, colleges, and universities are funded by many parents of the students. And so many institutes work due to the high fees of the students. Around 40 to 50% of the total finance of institutes comes from student fees. In the UK tuition fee of the students is the highest in the entire world. So many students come from the not-so-rich background. They are forced by the universities to take a loan for their educational expenses from the university. And later they had to pay interest with their loans. All of the institutes offer so many new courses and unconditional charges on different types of extra offers to aid their financial issues. This financial struggle has turned the institutes into a market where all the students tend to be treated as customers. So many students claimed that due to financial aid from elite class most of the students get high grades in the class without studying hard.

Confusion in Grading System:

So many problems occur in the educational system of the United Kingdom due to the grading system. Research shows that in 2018, the government of the UK had to change the grading system. Due to this, all the students are teachers were very confused. The grades from letters were A* to U and in number were 9 to 1. This was very confusing for the pupil that what grades they achieve and for teachers to what should they give to the pupil on their performance. The changing in the educational system and grading system is creating so many issues and problems for teachers and pupils. This constant change is increasing day by day and taking the educational system of the UK towards the wrong side that is quite uncertain about the future of education in the United States.

Learning Disorder in Students:

In the educational system of the UK, most of the time teachers and students are facing environmental challenges due to their class that leads them to feel ashamed, they face threats, criticism, and much more. These all points lead to a mental and emotional sickness that increases the level of vulnerability to reach the psychological disorders. Very few educational institutes are free from opposition and negativity. Most of the issues occur due to the bad behavior of the teachers, instructors, and professors towards a few of the students they don’t like. This creates a layer of negativity in the environment. And most of the students fail in their subjects due to this attitude of their instructors.


In a nutshell, it is noted that most of the often schools, colleges, and universities are facing a financial crisis, negativity in the departments, shortage of teachers, learning disorder in students; grading problems so on and so forth. And the solution to these problems is not so simple. You must higher school counseling system in the schools for the students, must not overburden the teachers, and all the students must be treated at equal level, etc. Education in the United Kingdom has serious issues. These problems can be solved only with the help of governmental aids and change in the education system. Government should take some initiative to bring change in the educational system of the UK for the welfare of the country and its people living there.

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