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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Effects of Brexit on Higher Education In The UK

Albert Barkley     10:00 AM    
Effects of Brexit
Higher education authorities are discomforted about the effects of Brexit in the education of UK students. The main reduction that United Kingdom students are facing is the loss of research funding. As we now that Brexit is the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the EU. So, with the EU withdrawal, many educational rules and regulation will be changed. Students are also worried too about their final destination and the consequences of the withdrawal of the United Kingdom.

Final Destination:
Although, the United Kingdom is the preferred destination of the international students to get higher education and achieve all their dreams, so, hundreds of students are getting admission in the most well-known UK universities. But, after the Brexit, the educational rules will be changes and students will face many hectic challenges in achieving their dreams.

Strict Rules and Regulations:
With the existence of the Brexit topic, no other issue is dominated in the United Kingdom. These uncertain circumstances have created many doubtful questions in the minds of the students; especially the sector of higher education is the most effective with the Brexit. It is also expected that the freedom of the students will be cached and they will be like birds that are a prison in a cage. Nowadays, EU students have complete freedom to move and participate in all the United Kingdom programs. But, after the Brexit, it is confirmed that the British students will be forced to follow some rules and regulation in order to participate in these programs, otherwise they will not be allowed to attend is. However, still, British students are participating in the ERASMUS.

Lose Of Culture and Scholastic Benefits:
Talking with a writer of UK based dissertation writing service, he spoke, yes, of course, British students were gaining culture as well as scholastics benefits but they can lose these advantages due to the Brexit. Nowadays, students are free to get admission in course they want but Brexit will change this freedom and they will able to get admission in the limited programs. Most universities are demanding high tuitions fee as well as admission fees to the British students in order to get higher education. However, the cultural richness is recorded in British universities.

Financial Challenges:
Financial challenges are one of the most intimidating tasks that the British universities will face after the Brexit. Basically, a student will face these difficulties, but if we talk about the universities and academics, they will not find any support from the UK, therefore, they will unable to manage and handle all the expenses. Yes, of course, they are working and increasing their popularity under the funds and low fees but Brexit will change the academic system and universities will become the victim of financial problems.

Impact Of Tuitions Fees:
The Brexit consequences will not change to the academic rules and regulation, indeed, students will face many hurdles due to the expensive fees. It is expected that the tuition fees will be extended until 31 Decmber2020. However, the financial system of students will be depended on the outcome of the Brexit. Therefore, students have started the mission of “no deal with Brexit”. But the consequences of this mission are not enough to give the establishment to the students.

Dutch Students In Higher Education:
Essential and good news for the Dutch students is that they will not face any side effect of the Brexit, because, the tuition fees will not be increased. The EU students have to pay some fees that they were paying in the entire academic duration. The Dutch students will be independent financially and they can get admission outside the EU. Although, the international students will be affected, yet, they have to follow new rules and regulation after the Brexit.

EU Research Funding And Collaborations:
Not only EU students, indeed, but it is also possible that all students over the world will face funding and collaboration challenges. However, United Kingdom universities are still collaborating with the students and they provide the funds to conduct deep research and increase their grades. According to the EU agreement, students are free to get research funds. But after the Brexit, funds schemes can be changed.

Academic Staff The staff of the higher education will be affected by Brexit. The EU higher education authority varies a large amount of the United Kingdom staff. After the Brexit, staff immigration will create many hurdles to move on and getting success in academic life. If the staff will face new immigration policies then they can change their mind and can establish in the United Kingdom. However, it is the most concerned issue of higher education toward Brexit ‘effect.

Friday, October 28, 2016

What Will be Impact of Brexit on UK Based Universities?

Albert Barkley     12:39 AM    
Impact of Brexit
In the recent turn of events, when UK decided to opt out of the European Union everything changed. From office policies to employment rules, everything has a changed set of rules now including UK based universities. There are more than 100 thousand students currently in the UK studying under the European Union and the future of these students will be affected. Some of the major problems that are going to affect the students include; no more grants for loans under the European Union, no more permission for Visa through the European Union and all previous permissions and grants to students will be annulled.

The Universities will face a huge downfall as majority of students will have to transfer to other countries that are under European Union. Researchers who were working under the permission and funds of European Union will also face a major withdrawal in funds and permissions. With so many state of the art technology advancements and other academic advancements that were surviving under the European Union will now strive under the Brexit impact.

There is a fixed percentage, almost around 15 percent that the UK was receiving from the European Union now believed to be stopped due to Brexit. Impact of Brexit on UK based universities will not just stay at effecting universities, it will affect all the students that came to UK based universities under the European Union. Students will now face a major problem with paying the fee as now they will be considered as international students. This means that they will pay a much higher fee as compared to laws before brexit.

Brexit Will lead to a Major Loss in Student Number in UK;
This stands for both, students moving in to the UK and UK based students who want to go to other European countries for further studies. This will also affect students who are currently in the UK but had to study some part of their degree in a country under European Union. UK might lose all credibility from other European countries; meaning no more free transfers either way or approval of loans. Experts believe that the impact might seem very harsh, but it will strengthen the universities domestically.

They believe that this uniting will be used to raise voice against impact of brexit on UK based universities. It will be used by them to raise a voice for students and their futures, hoping that it will gain enough attention globally. There are a number of things being discussed by education experts in the UK like forming European university campuses. Hope that the physical availability might put a halt to the sudden stir in the UK. In all of this, the most affected by this will be the international students who not only will lose their loans, but might also be at risk of losing further studying in UK. Overall, it has more of a negative impact than a positive one and should be reconsidered or at least an alternative can be thought of.

Author Bio:
Albert Barkley is a social critic and dissertation writing service provider, who loves to look at the changing social trends closely and criticize accordingly. He is an English Literature lecturer. However due to his interest in writing and sharing thoughts with others, he writes articles for different blogs.

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