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Friday, February 7, 2020

Donald Trump and Nuclear War, is it Possible?

Albert Barkley     7:53 AM    
Donald Trump and Nuclear War
Fortunately or unfortunately Donald Trump is now the President of the United States, and Nuclear weapons are in his control alone. There have been many times Trump has threatened the whole world with his intentions of using weapons against them. If it was about America, it did not use Nuclear weapons on Iraq in 1991 when it had all the reasons to so it there anything that is holding Trump Back from using the shiny new toys he has just got hold of. Trump has always been a part of controversies. If we look at the citizens of America, one can’t help but wonder who voted for this guy? All the protests against Donald Trump and all the hate messages, letters and jokes rotating the internet, it doesn’t like more than a few hundred people voted for him half of which were his family, or may be not what do we know? So what is stopping this new Mr. President of USA for not pushing the button on many countries he despises of so apparently?

As per research of a coursework writing service, threats of wars, economy crisis and political problems have always been a problem for every nation but current situation in which USA is in is terrifying and nuclear war is standing at the door waiting for Trump to say the magic word. Nuclear weapons in every country are bound with policies and America has none. Most nations with nuclear power have a policy or they have made one in which they will not attack first. But how long does it take to hit Trump that he has this power no man on earth has to strike their nuclear weapon and tests run the toy to see its power or to show the world ‘his’ power perhaps. Where the country and states are trying to fund people’s essential needs and are budgeting to make sure people of the country are provided for and their social and economical needs are met, military assets are growing and increasing.

Weapons of mass destruction that have the capability of killing half a continent and take millions of lives, money is available for that. Deadly nuclear weapons are put together so close to each other as if there is a war waiting around the corner and man kind’s fear of being extinct is gone and disappeared ages ago, or if it wasn’t before then it is now and everyone talks about nuclear war as if it is nothing. Famous personalities and TV presenters are playing a role totally opposite of what it could have been. It is as if it is about time we have a nuclear war and as if we will be left behind to see what happens with us and what happens to the ones we hit. When nations talk about nuclear war or threat countries, what do they think will happen? Are the countries of the world going to let you get away or do something equally destructive to yours?

On Wednesday, Donald Trump talking to a foreign policy expert asked a question several times, ‘why can’t we use nuclear weapons?’ not just that, he has been witnessed asking similar stuff or even more terrifying things recently. The purpose of him asking all of that will remain unclear just like everything else he ever says and all the ruthless things and policies he makes. He once also asked repeatedly that if the nuclear weapons are not to be used then why they are made anyway. And he also added that he might use the nuclear weapons. Now, he doesn’t have to send anyone messages or say something just for fun, it is for sure that he had something in this mind, what is more terrifying is that America is not the only county with nuclear powers and there are more nations who can feel threatened by America and do something about it.

In an interview, Donald said that he is open to nuking Europe because it is a big place. He repeatedly said the same thing in many ways and he added it over and over again in the same conversation that he will be the one to press the button and of there are nuclear weapons then one day we may need to use them and he insisted that he will be the one to do it, maybe on Europe. He also asked if ISIS were to attack wouldn’t you do something about it? You would and so that’s what I am going to do, I am going to us nuclear power maybe I’m not but believe me I am going to use nuclear power. Trump also many times in many different occasions and interviews said similar stuff about using nuclear weapons, sometimes he would add that it’s a horrible thing and its something terrible to do but if there is any need I would do it. Also another interview where he was asked that America has never used nuclear power after 1945 and when should it, he answered that you need to be unpredictable with nuclear power and this did not happen in one or two interviews, it happened several times in several occasions.

With Trump taking every opportunity to threaten Japan and Korea and he things 9 nations that have nuclear powers is a problem and that when he stops funding them nations like Pakistan with nuclear power will be a problem then it is everyone’s guess what he has in his mind. He would sometimes say things openly and sometimes in hidden words on TV explaining how his enemies are watching them and nuclear attack is something that needs to be unpredictable but he has shown more times the intention of pressing the button and the need and desired he built up to do so. With the president of the United Stated working by the formula of having nuclear powers because they must be used, what might actually happen is something that terrifies many around the globe.

Friday, October 28, 2016

What Will be Impact of Brexit on UK Based Universities?

Albert Barkley     12:39 AM    
Impact of Brexit
In the recent turn of events, when UK decided to opt out of the European Union everything changed. From office policies to employment rules, everything has a changed set of rules now including UK based universities. There are more than 100 thousand students currently in the UK studying under the European Union and the future of these students will be affected. Some of the major problems that are going to affect the students include; no more grants for loans under the European Union, no more permission for Visa through the European Union and all previous permissions and grants to students will be annulled.

The Universities will face a huge downfall as majority of students will have to transfer to other countries that are under European Union. Researchers who were working under the permission and funds of European Union will also face a major withdrawal in funds and permissions. With so many state of the art technology advancements and other academic advancements that were surviving under the European Union will now strive under the Brexit impact.

There is a fixed percentage, almost around 15 percent that the UK was receiving from the European Union now believed to be stopped due to Brexit. Impact of Brexit on UK based universities will not just stay at effecting universities, it will affect all the students that came to UK based universities under the European Union. Students will now face a major problem with paying the fee as now they will be considered as international students. This means that they will pay a much higher fee as compared to laws before brexit.

Brexit Will lead to a Major Loss in Student Number in UK;
This stands for both, students moving in to the UK and UK based students who want to go to other European countries for further studies. This will also affect students who are currently in the UK but had to study some part of their degree in a country under European Union. UK might lose all credibility from other European countries; meaning no more free transfers either way or approval of loans. Experts believe that the impact might seem very harsh, but it will strengthen the universities domestically.

They believe that this uniting will be used to raise voice against impact of brexit on UK based universities. It will be used by them to raise a voice for students and their futures, hoping that it will gain enough attention globally. There are a number of things being discussed by education experts in the UK like forming European university campuses. Hope that the physical availability might put a halt to the sudden stir in the UK. In all of this, the most affected by this will be the international students who not only will lose their loans, but might also be at risk of losing further studying in UK. Overall, it has more of a negative impact than a positive one and should be reconsidered or at least an alternative can be thought of.

Author Bio:
Albert Barkley is a social critic and dissertation writing service provider, who loves to look at the changing social trends closely and criticize accordingly. He is an English Literature lecturer. However due to his interest in writing and sharing thoughts with others, he writes articles for different blogs.

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