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Friday, August 27, 2021

Top 6 Plugins to Use to Secure WordPress Website

Albert Barkley     5:16 AM    
Secure WordPress Website
If you want to save your website from the malware and brute force attacks, you will have to secure your website by installing WordPress security plugins. Almost 18.5 million websites have to face malware attacks and hacking attempts each week. If there is a security breach in your website, it will damage your business. Its reason is that after hacking your website, the hackers can steal user data from your website. The hackers can also distribute the malicious code to the users and other websites. In some cases, you can lose data or lose access to your website. Therefore, if you want to save your business from these kinds of problems, you will have to secure your WordPress website by using some plugins. Here, we will discuss the top six plugins that you can use to secure your WordPress website.

Sucuri Security:

It is offering both free and paid versions to secure your website. Most of the webmasters can secure their websites by using its free plan. Anyhow, if you require a website firewall, you will have to buy its premium plan. If you want to use its premium plan, you will have to pay $17/month. After buying its premium plan, you will get the following features;
  • It is offering multiple variations of the SSL certificates. These SSL certificates are available in its packages. Anyhow, you will have to pay for these SSL certificates.
  • They are providing an instant customer care service. In the case of any problem, you can easily connect with them through chat or email.
  • If they detect something wrong with your website, you will get an instant notification.
  • In its some specific plans, they are also offering advanced DDoS protection to its users.

Wordfence Security:

Due to some good reasons, it is one of the most popular WordPress security plugins. It has some powerful protection tools. In these tools, there come robust login security and incident recovery etc. The webmasters can get insightful information about their audience and hacking attempts. Its free plan is available. Anyhow, if you want to enhance the security of your website, you will have to buy its premium plan. Its premium plan is available in just $99 per year for one website. It has the following features.
  • The webmasters can get the full firewall suite with various tools. They can use these tools for country blocking and manual blocking etc.
  • After installing this plugin, you can easily scan all the files of your WordPress website.
  • You can also monitor the live traffic on your website. While monitoring the live traffic, you can get an idea about human visitors and robots.
  • It is also offering comment spam filter. Therefore, you don’t need to install another app for it.

All in One WP Security and Firewall:

If you are looking for the feature-packed free security plugin, All In One WP Security and Firewall is the best choice for you. Without any premium plan, you can enjoy its decent customer support. It provides useful information about the strength of your website in the form of visual content. If you install this plugin on your WordPress website, you don’t need to pay any amount. Its reason is that it is 100% free WordPress security plugin. Its main features are given below;
  • It has a blacklist tool that you can use to block a user.
  • You can create a backup of your files. After creating a backup of these files, you can recover them at any time.
  • This security plugin shows the strength of your website in the form of a graph. By seeing this graph, the webmasters can enhance the security of their websites.

MalCare Security:

It is the best malware scanner and remover for your WordPress website. After installing this plugin, you can easily clean up your website just with the help of a single click. If you want to use its basic scanning feature, it is freely available. Anyhow, to enhance the security of your website, you should buy its premium plan. Its premium plan is available in $99 per year. MalCare Security has lots of features.
  • It is the best security plugin that you can use for firewall protection.
  • MalCare Security plugin has a remote malware scanning feature. As a result, it will not overload the server of your website.
  • The users can remove the malware with one click.
  • It has also some tools for developers. The most important tools for the developers are white labelling and client report.

iThemes Security:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, it is one of the most trusted WordPress security plugins that you can install on your website. In its Pro plan, you can get lots of features. For example, you can get two-factor authentications, Google reCAPTCHAs and malware scans etc. If you have a small website, you can also use its free plan. To use its Pro plan, you will have to pay $80 per year. After buying its Pro plan, you can enjoy its lots of features.
  • You can use it to protect your website against the Brute Force attacks.
  • The users can also use this WordPress security plugin to scan their websites against the malware.
  • If there are 404 errors on your website, you can also detect these errors by installing this plugin.
  • It can provide strong password enforcement for all the users.
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The webmasters can also use this security plugin to secure their websites. In its free plan, you can get limited features. If you want to use its complete features, you will have to go for its premium plan. As a webmaster, if you want to get access to this plugin, you will have to get WPMU DEV membership. With the help of this subscription service, you can get access to more than 100 plugins for unlimited websites. To use its Pro plan, you will have to pay $49/month. The Defender has lots of features.
  • It is providing WordPress core file scanning service to the users.
  • To save your website from the brute force attacks, it is providing a timed logouts feature.
  • You can also blacklist IP addresses for security purposes.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Top 5 Cyber Security Laws in The World Students Should Know

Albert Barkley     3:31 AM    
Cyber Security Laws
As technology is more advancing, the importance and need for cybersecurity are also increasing. Cybersecurity secures the data of organizations and individuals. It protects all the important, and sensitive data and computing assets from all threats of cyber-attack, theft, and damage. The sensitive data include personal information, personally identifiable information, intellectual property, protected health information, and information system of government and industry.

According to a coursework writing service, for maintaining and ensuring cybersecurity different laws both on national and international levels are made. These cybersecurity laws direct all activities and responses in Cyberspace, every one of the online exchanges is dealt with, and all online exercises are under watch by the Cybersecurity law authorities. Like all other laws, cybersecurity laws are also meant to define that describe how individuals and organizations behave in using the internet and computers. It is also intended to protect the individuals being affected by any cybercrime or fraud.

Hence we can say that like all other laws and regulations cybersecurity laws are also meant to maintain law and order in using the internet and online activities of individuals and organizations. Cyber laws can be divided into five basic categories. These categories form the basis of different articles pertaining to cyber law. Cyberlaw is also formed at the national level, and there might be certain differences in the cyber law of each country, but all laws are formed based on these five types.


The cyber laws are formed for preventing copyrights. Cyber laws are made for protecting the rights of individuals and organizations for getting their work copied without permission, or rights so that they can make a profit from their work. It includes and published or unpublished scientific data, artwork, photographs, videos, design, software, or any other thing that is the property of an individual or organization. So copyright laws are formed to protect the right of the ownership of the work. According to copyright laws, no one can use the work of others without the permission of the individual or organization having copyrights. Everything we see or use on the internet has copyrights.


The second most important cyber laws are defamation laws which provide security against any fake news or false statement that can affect the image and reputation of any individual, brand, or organization. Defamation can be libel or slander. Libel defamation is the statement in verbal form, and slander is the written statement. Cyber defamation happens when a PC associated with the web is utilized as a device or a medium to slander an individual or an element. For instance: The publishing of a slanderous assertion against an individual on an informal communication site like Facebook, Twitter, and so on, or sending of messages containing abusive substance about an individual to stigmatize him/her. Further, given the wide inclusion of the web and the pace of dispersal of data at this stage, it is hard to discover the degree of harm in any financial worth.


Online shopping and purchasing are becoming a normal trend nowadays. But it has also increased the threat of theft and fraud. The third type of cyber laws is designed to save people from internet frauds, theft of their credit card, identity, and money. This law falls under the cybercriminal laws and anyone who breaks the law and commits the cybercrime is seriously punished according to the laws.


The internet itself is talking all about harassment and stalking, and the international organizations, human rights activists, and media all are speaking a lot about the harassment laws. But the online harassment is also a big challenge. Posting any threatening content about anyone is considering a cybercrime. And cybersecurity laws refuse online harassment and stalking.

Freedom of Speech:

According to human rights laws and constitutions, every person has the freedom of speech, but this freedom also has a certain limit. Nowadays, people are openly expressing their feelings and opinions about different topics, and they are fully using their right to freedom of speech. But the amount of speech that can be used over the internet has a limit. Any speech that can spread immorality, can harm the individual or state and can cause a riot, is refused by the cyber security law. Some of the famous international laws based on the above-mentioned categories are
  • Gramm Leach Billey Act (Also Known As GLBA) OF 1999
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (Also Known As HIPPA) OF 1996
  • Cyber Security Information Sharing Act (Also Known As CISA) OF 2015
  • California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (Also Known As CCPA)
  • HIPPA Act of 1996. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation Act)

Friday, March 6, 2020

Having An Effective Security Policy Is Important For Business

Albert Barkley     10:00 AM    
Effective Security Policy
Security policy is a set of rules and regulations or documents that describe the company’s destination concerning requirements, choices, and duties. Through establishing a security policy, an organization protects itself from the danger of theft and cyber-attack. Having an effective security policy is imperative for business. It gives your customers complete satisfaction related to your accuracy and authenticity. Privacy setting protects your business and improves your progress.

Advantages Of Security Policy:
Comprehensive and effective security policy plays an important role in protection, acceleration, management and extension. It makes your working environment secure and safe. It protects you from online virus attacks and emails spam issues.

Effective security policy is advanced, because, it alarms you that there is an attempt at an anaesthetic entry into your website. Told by a PhD dissertation writing service, a security policy is incredibly decisive for business. Running a business without a security policy is not possible, because, it does not give complete satisfaction to your clients. The policy helps to promote the business effectively.

Effective security policy reduces the risk of hack and loses data. Employer's trust and positive image in the market can be built with the help of an operative business policy. Policies enable individuals and team how to work under one roof for the company’s objective. The manager observes the destination and the activity of employees. Possible legal problems can be managed through an active business policy.

For the development of business, these policies play important roles. Nowadays, every business should develop effective privacy policies. Setting privacy polices is essential for all types of business. For example, if you are using social media tool then you will set your privacy. In the technological world, the privacy setting is not intimidating. Along with that, it is the first attention of the customers that what your privacy policies are.

For example, you are providing dissertation writing services to the students. Students will check your term and condition before placing an order. They will keep an eye on your privacy setting. If students will feel that their data is protected and they are secure then they will place an order. Otherwise, they will refuse to place an order.

Points To Consider For An Effective Security Policy:
  • Follow the role of security policies in your company
  • Make sure that your security policies are enforceable
  • Follow the brief a succinct privacy policies
  • Present details to handle to the privacy setting
  • Make sure that your privacy policies are up to date

For setting an effective privacy policy, you must get information about the common types of privacy types. Having this information will be beneficial and you can set your privacy according to the law.
  • Password Or PIN Policy: Password or PIN policies are very common. These can be applied in devices such as mobiles or laptops. But this type is not effective for web usage.
  • Constituent Exploitation Policy: Exploitation may harm the reputation of the business. It brings about the reduction of productivity and works attendance. A common policy is to ban the usage of the drug, tobacco, and alcohol in working hours. Random drug tests after being hired must be part of the policy.
  • Performance Evaluation Policies: Employee payment and evaluation reports outline the regularity and gratified of performance evaluation. This process helps the employee to meet the goal and responsibilities of their work. These evaluations also describe the step to get a bonus and salary increment.
  • Dressing Policies: The establishments have the right to establish strategies for their workers' clothing. To promote the companies name men are said to wear a tie and professional dress and women are asked to wear appropriate dress. Dressing policies are made to set a professional tone in employees.
  • Harmless Computer Custom Policy: The computer has become part of every job. Business needs policies in the usage of the computer. For the operative business, the company monitors every employee’s computer activities and set a limit of data for personal usage. To stay protected from a cyber attack every company takes signature from employees to monitoring his net suffering.
  • Equivalent Right Policy: The establishment should clarify the policy about fair behaviour at the working place. This policy improves the behavioural issue at business and prevents prejudiced at the base of gender, religious belief, race, and sexual positioning. In this way, the employee works in a favourable environment. The moral of the business reach the peak by a positive attitude toward work.

Monday, February 20, 2017

US Mobile Carriers Suddenly Changing Their Unlimited Plan This Week

Albert Barkley     11:40 PM    
US Mobile Carriers
Verizon after running ad campaigns on TV for a long time telling that unlimited packages are more expensive and they cost more to the users; they recently announced a new unlimited package after discontinuing their unlimited package back in 2011. Verizon came up after all these years with a package that no one can say no to and the users who switched to other networks because Verizon discontinued their unlimited package have returned to the carrier. Maybe this is why there is a sudden change of plans observed and more changes are taking place in the world of telecommunication. Although, can’t deny that this week have been weird and rough as most networks have face trouble due to Verizon’s recently announced unlimited plan. Now Verizon is offering unbelievably cheaper plans for single user and for a family of four and then every person added gets the group further discounts and the rates go unbelievably low.

The company/carrier that was opposing the unlimited plans in TV ads since sometime now is now out with their own unlimited plan after ages to give the rest of the carriers a rough time and why not, we are talking about the largest carrier here. Verizon did everything in its power to prove that the unlimited packages are making people pay more for the quantity of data they will never use until last Sunday when the Verizon users were offered a $80 unlimited plan per month per user for data, talking and messaging. This week, we see more carriers announcing the same changes and updating their packages. T-mobile, AT&T and Sprint are following Verizon but why? John Legere, the CEO of T-mobile announced that from the next month, the users of T-mobile will be paying for unlimited data and there will be no caps on data for the post paid plans. The post paid plans offered by the T-mobile will be provided with unlimited data from next month onwards.

The CEO of T-mobile says that the increase in the use of internet via phones is the reason behind the changes and upgrades and he thinks that there needs to be no limit on the data used. The data we use on mobiles is the primary way of using internet so there will be only unlimited data for the post paid plan users of the T-mobile. There are still prepaid plans with data limits and the plans that are using the unlimited data are only offered a certain limit of video quality and your account needs an HD pass in order to watch the high quality videos. This is a wee bit confusing for the users because T-mobile does not have many packages and they basically want to simplify things for the post paid users by applying weird changes and conditions on the existing packages and one would think what is the difference anyway and the change all of a sudden when everything worked smooth for a long time.

Similarly other carriers joined the bandwagon and upgraded their packages a little during the same time when Verizon announced the upgrades and their unlimited packages. Sprint was the next to join T-mobile and Verizon in the unlimited plan bandwagon and announced a $90 unlimited plan for 5 lines for a month until March 19th. Coincidence? We like to think otherwise. Sprint has however a lot more and better than Verizon and T-mobile both, things to offer. It is offering their first line for $65 for one line and an additional $5 discount for allowing the Auto Pay (unlike Verizon) a lot more of their new upgrades include 10 GB hotspot and unlimited HD videos streaming. Sprint is a worse choice if you use up your allocated unlimited data and kicks you down to 2G which is pathetic.

Other networks such as T-mobile and Verizon takes you down to 3G. But when we see the prices offered for the unlimited packages for the new Sprint customers coming onboard now, it is offering impressive packages, for example if you are now joining sprint, you get an unlimited package for the first line for $50, second like for $40 and third fourth and fifth lines are absolutely free! (At least this goes on till March 31st but they are free!) But if you are an old user and you need additional line on Sprint, you get it for $45 and thirst and fourth for $35 and then there is additional discount if you use the Sprint Auto Pay feature for $5. After the 31st March, all the free packages get to pay what they actually cost. Unlike T-mobile and like most carriers, Sprint also charges some extra fee here and there.

Calling AT&T the worst in offering an unlimited plan, they are offering their unlimited plan for a single line for $100 which is far more than anyone else is charging currently and additional line costs you $40 till the fourth line, which is free. Unlike the 10GB hotspot limit available on other carriers such as Sprint, Verizon and T-mobile, AT&T does not offer tethering at all, which is very disappointing in this age. So apparently Sprint did a far better job at it than AT&T and AT&T seems to have offered the unlimited package just because and does not have anything premium that matches with the premium charges they are taking from their customers.

Comparing the charges for the four carriers, Verizon is the mightiest of them all as it is the largest carrier in the whole country and the only reason people moved away from Verizon (if any) was due to the fact that it did not offer unlimited data anymore unlike now. T-mobile being the smarter one won the game but offering slightly better rates than Verizon (although with weirdest of terms) but the prices go a little below than what Verizon is charging. Having said that, it wouldn’t be wrong to assume that the sudden shift experienced in all carriers is due to the Verizon’s announcement last week.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Great Tools That Can Help in Article Writing Process

Albert Barkley     3:16 AM    
Article Writing Process
Writing an article is no easy job especially when students have a deadline and their good results depend on the quality and standard of their papers. There is no easy way to handle an article the best way except to understand the topic, conduct good research on it and write it just the way the teachers require it. No matter for which subject or topic the article is being written, students need to know the main idea behind writing it and how it can make a difference to the readers and their thoughts.

The better an article is written, the better readership and audience it will get and the better results it will help students get assignment solutions online. The only problem students face is too much time that article writing takes and want to know some great tips how this long process can be made easy and quick. This article brings some great tools for students that can help them speed up the article writing process so that they work most efficiently on their papers.

Spelling and Grammar Check: The students need to check out their article for any spelling and grammatical mistakes that they might have made in the paper. It is very important to check the article thoroughly as even few silly mistakes can ruin the effect of the article, making it seem childish instead of scholarly. Students must keep an eye on what they are writing and how it is making sense to the readers to write a perfect paper.

Keywords Suggestion Tool: This is one tool that will help students understand what keywords they need to use in the paper if they want to write an article that appears highest in the search engines and motivates highest number of readers. There are a large number of keyword suggestion tools available online that are very user friendly and reliable and they can help students come up with the best selection of keywords to make their article writing process easy and quick.

Anti-plagiarism Tools: Every article should be 100% unique and custom because plagiarised content is not tolerated by anyone be it educational institutes or publishing websites. There are a large number of plagiarism checking software that make it easy for students to check out their work and see if there is any portion of their text that matches any other literature.

Dictionary or Thesaurus: Repetition of words and phrases often makes the articles sound monotonous and boring and it can become very tiresome for readers to actually understand what the students are trying to say. The best way to substitute words and use the most correct phrases is to use a dictionary or thesaurus to avoid using the same terms again and again and come up with new words that appeal to the readers. Article writing is a great skill as it requires the students to pass on their message to the readers most effectively and students must make use of these tools to assist them.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How Technology Helped Students in Education

Sheraz Khan     11:17 PM    
How Technology Helped Students
Technology has a divine connection with the education. However, in the earlier era, it was not. The technology was not so much in town and so was the case was the people, which the people were not technology friendly too. The students, however, are somewhat linked with the technology due to their courses in academic side same as coursework writing services do. Nevertheless, unfortunately, they were too not so recognizable with the technological surroundings.

These days the technology and the education make an outclass pair. So far, the technology has and will help the education, in near future too. The technology was prevailing but there were no proper assistance and the resources. The gadgets were unacceptably costly which a normal student was not able to afford. Then, came into being, an assortment of gadgets. The competition raised and the prices decreased. At this time, the students were able to buy the gadget and then they started becoming familiar with the technology. The students believed that the technology does not go well with the education, as they thought it is a hassle. Alternatively, the same students now think that without technology they are nothing with the education.

What has Technology Done?
There are countless things, which the technology has done in regards to education. Like, for instance, the teacher makes a group of the student over the web and uploads the slides, which are already taught in the class. The students retrieve the notes and the slide, by just having the internet and the computer. These way things are at ease, I mean in the earlier era the students use to write down the notes on their own which a time consuming and tiresome too, but now technology has solved this issue.

Apart from this, there are classrooms made via technology and the lectures are delivered, at any part of the world. It is an absolute no issue that either you are n the same city or country, technology does all. This way the teacher and the students can communicate throughout the day, if either of them is having any issue regarding the education. The students if need to make the assignments so, with the help of the technology they can have free access to the libraries through the technology and that to free of charge. Using this kind of method in UK based studies, the time is saved, a cost is saved, and there is reliability, all these factors come forward if the proper usage of technology is done in education.

There is an immense knowledge over the education on the internet, the students if need any kind of assistance concerning the education so they can see and implement it with the help of the technology. It is concluded that the education has got better ever since the technology jumped in. It has a positive impact on the education; in it will continue to have changes that are more positive. The education is the main pillar of everything. If a student is educated properly with lesser resources, so the students will flourish and groom. Acquiring the qualitative information, in the lesser costs, who does not want it, especially when it benefits the student.

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